NanoEMS 3D Electronic Compass
  • NanoEMS™.
    Re-defining MEMS in nano-scale.
  • NanoEMS™.
    Standard CMOS. Standard packaging.
  • NanoEMS™.
    Integration, performance, low cost, small package. No compromise.
  • NanoEMS™.
    Monolithic sensors in a standard package.
  • NanoEMS™.
    Opening the door to mass-market MEMS deployment.
  • NanoEMS™.
    Integrating multiple sensors on a single CMOS chip.
  • NanoEMS™.
    Standard CMOS. Multiple foundries. Multiple sources. High volumes.
  • NanoEMS™.
    A disruptive breakthrough in MEMS technology.
MEMS inside CMOS
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Welcome to Baolab, inventors of nanoscale MEMS: NanoEMS™

We are redefining the world of MEMS with a breakthrough, patented technology ??NanoEMS™
Creating nano-scale embedded mechanical systems entirely within the CMOS wafer using standard CMOS processes.
Most Promising Startup - EETimes Silicon60 List Winner Elektra Awards 2010